You’re being held!

imagesThe walls are closing in, the questions are raging, the anxiety mounts, and the fear paralyses. The storm is raging and we are seeking God to calm it. As I journey this wonderful adventure of life, filled with mountains and valleys, I am amazed by the revelation I receive of who God is. God desires to reveal His nature to His children, God longs for relationship, and He seeks to grow character in your life – storms are painful, they are confusing and they don’t make sense, yet in the storm God reveals Himself. As we are in the midst of our own storm, sometimes we try to hold onto the boat, and sometimes we try to hold on to God in a hope to steady our footing, but what we have to learn to do is rest in the knowledge that even in the storm, we are the ones being held by God, in His glorious hands. We don’t have to hold onto Him because He is holding onto us. God is holding onto you right now in the pain, in the confusion and in the fear. Often atheists think that Christians created God to gain comfort, but we were created by God for His pleasure, you need to acknowledge that God delights in you, even when you doubt and when you are hurt – God loves you beyond measure. I loved the words from the Casting Crowns song, “Just be Held”;

If your eyes are on the storm, you’ll wonder if I love you still

If your eyes are on the cross you know that I have and that I always will.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on God. As I was feeling confused I was calling out to God, and as I did this I was looking up to the heavens thinking God was up there. I felt Jesus gently pull my face down and tell me to look in His eyes because He was right in front of me. God is not far away, even when you feel far away from Him. When you can’t sleep at night He is sitting on your bed. When you tremble in fear He is holding you, and when you’re on the mountain top He is there with you.

As I was talking to God one day I felt in my spirit that He was holding my right hand – immediately I doubted this and said to God, “is that real Lord or did I just make it up?” As I moved on and looked at some scriptures God put this verse in my path;

Isaiah 41:13

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.

Wow – God just answered my question – a phrase that before would have never made me think twice all of a sudden rocked my world! God is holding your right hand, in a loving and tender way He is leading you – He is leading you through your storm, through your questions, through your sin and through your fear. He will never leave you or forsake you – that is not a verse that should merely comfort you, it is a fact you need to accept! As we stand on shaky ground we can be assured that God is standing strong, He is not shaking and He is not worried – He is perfectly in control.

As we all face the battle in our minds I encourage you to listen to an awesome preach by Bill Johnson, The War in your Head, that you can get when you download (for free) the Bethel TV app!


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